Our Favorite End-of-Summer Food, Cocktails & Drinks

It may almost be fall & while we love cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice everything, and talking about going apple picking (but not ever wanting to make the 3+ hour drive), we're still not ready to let go of summer! Luckily, living in LA means we can enjoy nice weather all year long – and with that, all of our favorite summer meals, drinks & cocktails whenever the sun is shining. Since everyone was raving about fall before it even began, we want to take a chance to talk about our summer favorites that we're not ready to let go of yet!

Take a look at some of our favorite summer food, drinks, and cocktails that you can enjoy no matter what season it is (it's just like wearing white after Labor Day!).



"Rosé All Day" sounds like the best way of life ever, and we think people should also have rosé all year round. While it's mostly enjoyed on hot summer days, we think it could work well for a crisp wintry day as well – especially if you want to dream of warmer weather. We recently tried the Château de Berne 2017 rosé varieties – Inspiration & Emotion – and they're now some of our faves... especially at just $20 & $16 per bottle with that perfect light pink tone!



fig and burrata salad perfect summer appetizer snack recipe ideas

As longtime lovers of fig spread with a cheese plate, we finally decided to use the fresh fruit for a delicious burrata & fig salad inspired by Camille Styles. Keep an eye out for our blog post on how to make the yummy treat that's perfect to bring to a dinner party!



Despite never wanting to ask for a mojito at a bar out of respect for the bartender who doesn't want to muddle a bunch of mint leaves while they're busy, we love mojitos. They're the perfect light cocktail that's refreshing & transports you to a better place: like vacation in the tropics. In fact, it’s the perfect cocktail for entertaining since it’s easy to make in a pitcher – like this tasty recipe pictured above from Isabel Eats!

What are some of your favorite summer foods, drinks, and cocktails? Let us know in the comments!!