Eating & Drinking in Phoenix: Teaspressa

We've been dying to try Teaspressa ever since we first heard about it opening up shop. It was started by an ASU alum (go devils!) & we went to elementary school with her boyfriend - small world! She was featured on Shark Tank & although she didn't leave with a deal from the sharks (they didn't fully understand the concept that it was a café + store), it's clear that they missed out. We finally got the chance to visit earlier this summer when we were in Arizona for our friend’s baby shower. We were in love!

When you arrive at their Arcadia location, you're welcomed with bright white walls & a 'C'est La Tea' mural painted on the wall near the entry door. The first thing you see when you open the door is a 'Tea Amo' neon sign, bright white & 70's macrame-style décor, and a cute shelf wall of tea & coffee products. It was so hard not to buy a million little packets of their flavored sugar cubes. Seriously the cutest place to shop for gifts & grab your favorite drink. You can also buy their tea and make your own at home.

Red head woman with C'est La Tea mural
Teaspressa entryway signage
Shelves filled with tea at Teaspressa

The menu featured classic coffee drinks (for non-tea aficionados) & more tea options than we've ever come across. This isn't like Teavana where you're literally just drinking brewed tea, they use tea shots that are similar in caffeine to espresso shots, but without the jitters. And the drinks they make are as delicious as your local coffee shop or Starbucks, but with the flavor of tea instead of espresso. We were so impressed!

Trendy barista women making tea
Woman sipping tea in Arcadia shop

We tried the 'London Fog' which is a Charles Grey tea shot, steamed milk, vanilla & lavender and the 'Black Rose' which is a Manhattan Black tea shot, steamed milk & rose, and it was definitely our favorite. I think we just loved how unique the flavor was & we already can't wait to go back.

Now they just need to open up a location in LA! Allison, if you're reading this, we'd be happy to help open it up!

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