Our Black Friday & Cyber Monday Buys

This Black Friday was our best yet! You never know if you're going to get the best deal on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday these days, but we were lucky to get the best prices each time.

Arm Chairs from All Modern

I had been looking for the perfect duo of arm chairs for our "coffee nook" since we moved in. My office ordered these chairs for the reception seating area, and after seeing & sitting in them, I knew we'd found what we were looking for. They match perfectly with our mid-century style and come in dark grey and light grey.


We have been wanting to do this for ages! Since we're identical twins, we only had to get one test (since our DNA is identical). Even more savings! I was so happy when I went onto the 23andMe website to find that it was $150 for the Health & Ancestry (normally $200 & the combo is rarely on sale). I almost hit buy...but then we found out it was only $100 on Amazon - AMAZING!


This is another item that we've been waiting to buy since last Christmas. We had just missed the Black Friday 2016 sale and knew we had to hold out even just for a bit of savings since the company rarely has sales. We ended up going with the new Sonos One (only $25 off vs. $50 off for the Play:1), but we love that it incorporates Alexa so essentially we're killing two birds with one stone. My favorite feature so far? Not having to open my phone for the weather app, and just asking Alexa!

Saje Wellness

They have a store at Century City mall that smells amazing whenever you walk past it, and I knew I wanted to get one of my own as soon as they were on sale. We got the Aromaom diffuser in white and Relaxation diffuser blend collection.


This was a spur of the moment decision when walking past the store after picking up my iPhone X. We decided to check out the skillets and pans they had available & were so impressed by the salesperson Phyllis, that we just had to buy. Plus, we've been wanting a set of stainless steel pans! We ended up going with a set of 2 All Clad d5 Stainless-Steel French Skillets.

Passion Planner

Our only Cyber Monday purchase of the year, we each got a 2018 dated Passion Planner for $10 off + free shipping since we hit the $40 minimum. We've tried so many different planners throughout the years, from Erin Condren to Start Planner, & we were excited to give this minimalistic design a try. Plus, it's so much less expensive! We're hoping it will also force us to be more creative! If we're good at it, we'll definitely share how we use the planner with tips & tricks.

One regret? Not buying ANY clothes or shoes!