10 Easy Ways to Become a Happy Person

With all of the stresses that come with school, work, and being an adult, it can be tough to be 100% happy all the time. Since it's not fun to not be happy, we've come up with a few best practices for being a happy person – and they're really simple.

So whether you already feel like a million bucks or you need a little lift, we hope some of our tips for being happier help you in your day-to-day life – they certainly help ours!

Read on below for 10 easy ways to be a happy person!

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Get Enough Sleep

We're much happier people when we've gotten enough rest, which is why we've instituted a bedtime for ourselves. It's fun to stay up late, but we find that we're more productive when we wake up early (read K's tips for becoming a morning person) ready to take on the day – instead of complaining about how we shouldn't have watched that 3rd episode the night before.

Take Time to Be Grateful

It's easy to think about all of the things you don't have, but what can really make you happy is reminding yourself of what you do have – even down to the basics: fresh air to breath, a roof over your head, clean water to drink, food in your fridge (or Postmates account), and good health. Try to express your thanks for at least three things every day.

Step Outside

It might be unfair for us living in LA to say this as we're approaching the colder months, but taking a 10-minute walk outdoors can really improve a mood. Whenever we're having a stressful day at work, we do our best to find an excuse to walk to lunch, grab a smoothie at the store across the street, or take a stroll around the neighborhood.


We're still perfecting this one, but stepping away from technology – especially on those days when you're comparing yourself to others – will really help improve your mood and make you a happy person. Remember the days before social media? Channel those & spend quality time with your friends & loved ones for a day (or a couple hours).


We started doing short meditations with a few apps – Stop Breathe & Think, Headspace & Simple Habit. While we don't have a favorite to recommend yet, it's definitely nice to take time at night before bed or in the morning before work to stop thinking about the day's to-do lists and focus on feeling at peace.


Even on those mornings when we don't want to wake up and do our workout, we feel better about ourselves 100% of the time when we do. One of the first steps to happiness is making your body happy & this comes with exercise – whether it be a HIIT workout, yoga, or a spin class.

Go with the Flow

It's so easy to get hung up on something and let it get under your skin. We've realized that just letting things go and not focusing on the things that stress us out can go a long way towards having a better day.

Focus on Your Wins, Not Your Losses

If you have a rough day at work and can't stop thinking about the meeting that didn't go well or the not-so-nice email you received from a client, try your best to switch your perspective. Instead, think about how it felt when Susan in HR complimented your shirt, how good you felt once you crossed that one item off of your to-do list, or what an awesome lunch you made.

Stop Saying "What If"

While it's helpful to look to the past in some cases or be excited for your hypothetical future, it shouldn't be where you always live. Focus on the present. If you don't appreciate where you are right now as a part of your journey toward that future you want, then you may never be happy. Life is short – live it in the now.

Treat Yourself

This is one of our favorite ways to be happy. Regardless of your budget, there's a way to treat yourself. Buy a new handbag, purchase those items that have been sitting in your online shopping cart, get a pumpkin spice latte (with whipped cream!), book a massage at your favorite local place, or just take a minute to close your eyes & breath. The options are endless! Realize your worth & do something nice for yourself – you deserve it.