Easy & Perfect Paloma Cocktail

Margaritas tend to be the favorite tequila-based cocktail to make at home, but our new favorite is the Mexican Paloma. With equal parts tequila & grapefruit juice, the bitterness of the grapefruit juice cuts out the tequila’s bite & a hint of lime juice blends the flavors together. The Paloma is a perfect drink that looks & tastes like juice but packs a punch. The thyme or rosemary adds a touch of glamour, flavor & health benefits!

We’ve perfected what we think is the perfect mixture of ingredients, but if you’re not a huge fan of grapefruit and still think the grapefruit flavor is too intense for your taste, you’ll just need to top your cocktail with a bit of club soda or sparkling water & stir. Still too bitter? Add a teaspoon of agave nectar to add sweetness. Whatever you do, do not add the club soda to the shaker, it will do exactly what you think it will – fizz up & come out of spaces you thought were sealed tight. It seems like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many times we’ve done it by accident without thinking first.

The beauty of this cocktail is that the ingredients can all be found at your local grocery store! We especially love the Trader Joe’s brand of tequila blanco (the bottle looks deliciously similar to Casamigos & we wonder if it comes from the same supplier in Jalisco, Mexico at less than half the price) & 100% grapefruit juice, but any blanco tequila & grapefruit juice will do.

Two paloma cocktails on wood and gold tray
Perfect paloma cocktail with fresh thyme on gold and wooden tray

easy & perfect paloma cocktail

Prep time: 2-5 minutes
Servings: 2 cocktails

4.5 oz (3 shots) of tequila blanco
4.5 oz (3 shots) of 100% grapefruit juice
1 lime, squeezed
1 tsp fresh thyme or rosemary
dash of club soda or sparking water (optional)
1 tsp agave nectar (optional)
1 tbsp Tajin, for rim (optional)

Add 3-4 ice cubes to your favorite cocktail shaker.
Squeeze the juice of one lime into shaker.
Pour tequila & grapefruit in.
Add your choice of herbs.
Shake, shake, shake!

Serving Instructions
If adding Tajin rim – use the lime to get the rim of your cocktail glasses wet & dip glass into bowl lined with tajin.
Add 3-4 ice cubes to cocktail glass.
Strain the contents of the shaker into the cocktail glass (don’t worry if your herbs pour in with it).
If adding club soda or sparking water – pour in a dash & stir to taste.

The Paloma is so simple, but so delicious…and healthy too! We hope you try out this cocktail & let us know what you think! We’d also love to hear how you like to make your own Palomas at home – do you add anything different to place your own touch on it? We’d love to test it out & keep perfecting this already perfect Paloma cocktail recipe!

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