Rug Size Guide + Our Favorites from the Lulu & Georgia Sale!

The Inspired Abode’s favorites for the Lulu & Georgia big rug sale BIGDEAL for 20% off + Rug Size Guide

If you’ve been eyeing any of the gorgeous rugs from Lulu & Georgia, now is the time to buy! One of our favorite online retailers is having a giant sale of 20% off all rugs when you enter code BIGDEAL at checkout. While it might be hard to fathom buying such a large purchase without seeing the item in person first, have no fear – they offer free returns on most items.

Before you buy, it’s also important to make sure you’re buying the right-sized rug for your space! Follow these guidelines when deciding which size rug is right for you!


  • Make sure your rug is large enough so that the front legs of your furniture can fit on the rug! You want the rug to anchor the space – not be floating between your sofa & chairs.

  • In living rooms, have the long side of the rug parallel to the sofa. We find that 8’x10’ & 9’x12’ rugs are best for most living room sizes, but small spaces may be best served with a 6’x9’ rug!

  • Bedroom rugs should extend 18”-24” beyond the edge of the bed on both sides. For a standard bedroom with a queen bed & two nightstands, a 6’x9’ rug typically works – or an 8’x10’ rug if you have a larger space. For a standard bedroom with a king bed & two nightstands, we recommend an 8’x10’ rug – or 9’x12’ for a larger room.

  • In dining rooms, your rug should be big enough to keep all four legs of each chair on the rug when guests are seated. We suggest adding 3-4 feet to the length and width of your table to find the right rug size!

Take a look at some of our favorite rugs from the sale at Lulu & Georgia when you use code BIGDEAL for 20% off!

Kenley Rug, Ivory Multi - starting at $139

We love this rug for it’s ornate design featuring traditional motifs with a pop of color and a statement-making vintage look that would work well in any room – bedroom, living room, kitchen runner, etc. Pair with light-colored furniture for a California-cool look or darker furniture for a cozy, moody feel.

Tijera Rug - starting at $29

This is one of our favorite rugs to put in a client's room design when they want a neutral space with a calming feel. It works well for Scandinavian-style spaces, as well as more transitional living room designs.

Bayside Stripe Rug - starting at $50

Another favorite rug to put in a client’s room is this airy rug perfect for a coastal-inspired space. It looks amazing with dark or light woods, bright white furniture & accessories, and plenty of sunshine streaming through the windows.

Ingrid Rug - starting at $31

Add a pop of color to your space with this patterned rug featuring dusty & slate blue + yellow hues. We especially love the design for a bedroom or an entryway!

Annette Rug - starting at $73

This traditional patterned rug is gorgeous for a moody bedroom or living room paired with light-colored furniture. The dark color also makes it perfect for high-traffic areas!

Justina Blakeney Kahelo Lines Reversible Rug - starting at $89

We love ALL things reversible (+ tassels!) and this rug is no exception! We would put this rug in a boho-chic bedroom or even a dining room with a neutral color palette since it wouldn’t get dirty too easily & gives a nice contrast.

Prisha Rug - starting at $37

Here’s another rug we use all the time for our interior-design clients! It provides either a lived-in, boho vibe or a timeless piece for a more traditional living area.

Ralee Rug - starting at $30

Shag, Moroccan-style rugs might be trendy right now, but they’re trendy for a reason! One of our favorite things about shag rugs is how they look in carpeted rooms – so you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort!

Belen Rug - starting at $43

This is another rug style that we use frequently in our clients’ designs. It’s perfect for a transitional or classic bedroom with an old-meets-new style – and the neutral color works well for any accent hue of your choice!

Mina Rug - starting at $139

We love this Persian-style rug accented with light neutrals, pink, and blue hues. We think it has a very Amber Interiors-inspired vibe and would pair especially well with a cool vintage media console or chair in a chic, comfortable living room!

What is your favorite rug style? Let us know in the comments! Also, don’t forget to hit the Lulu & Georgia rug sale before it’s over – all of these rugs + more are available at 20% off using code BIGDEAL at checkout!