May Five Things // From The Inspired Abode

We were inspired by Half Baked Harvest’s ‘nine favorite things’ posts on Sundays and are looking forward to taking a break from our usual recipes, wellness tips, and home & travel inspiration to tell you more about us & what’s going on in our lives. When we say “we” it’s because we’re not only best friends and the editors behind The Inspired Abode, but we’re twin sisters who have most of the same interests, likes & dislikes – aka we’re each other’s perfect case study since if one of us likes a movie, book, song, recipe, etc., it usually means the other one will enjoy it just as much & we hope you do too!

What We’re Watching…

We both watched the new Netflix movie, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, starring Zac Efron as Ted Bundy & Lily Collins as his longtime girlfriend. It’s not scary, so don’t let that deter you – it’s more about their relationship than the killings, but it’s definitely eery. We highly recommend watching Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes docu-series on Netflix beforehand so you have a better sense of what’s happening throughout the movie.

We both FINALLY watched A Star is Born & we’re officially obsessed. We were lucky to avoid plot spoilers & we’re so impressed by both Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper. How he became the character, directed the movie, AND sang?! Impressive. We also loved watching their Oscars performance even more after watching and we can’t stop singing ‘Shallow.’

What We’re Listening To…

Ashley Kane of Brunch on Chestnut has the best Spotify playlists!! We love listening to her Spring Mix while working & it helps bring a sense of calm to stressful days.

We find it hard to find time to watch TED Talks, but we recently discovered the TED Radio Hour podcast. They take a series of different TED Talks and piece them together in a format that works wonderfully for listening in the car or at home. We also love the host Guy Raz from his How I Built This series. The first one we listened to just so happens to be our favorite so far – the episode is called “Extrasensory” & dives into the five senses, including new technology around many of the things we take for granted in our everyday lives.

What We’re Eating & Drinking…

For Cinco de Mayo, we finally made our own homemade guacamole courtesy of What’s Gaby Cooking’s guacamole recipe. We used serrano peppers instead of jalapeños, and also added some habanero sauce from Trader Joe’s for an added kick. And of course we paired it with a simple, skinny margarita with tequila, fresh lime juice & agave nectar with a Tajin rim.

In trying to be healthy, we also picked up the new Ketel One Botanical spirit (grapefruit is our favorite!) and have been pairing it with club soda or sparkling water along with slices of fresh fruit (grapefruit for the grapefruit variety & cucumber + mint for the cucumber variety).

What We’re Eyeing…

This faux olive tree from Target.

The Beyond Meat stock – it jumped from an IPO of $25 & opening price of $46 per share, closing at just over $65 on day one. As vegetarians, we’re super excited about this company & are still dying to try the Beyond Taco at Del Taco. If you’ve tried it – please let us know how it is!

This watermelon sleeping mask from Glow Recipe. We were influenced by Sarah Lee, one of the co-founders, when she was featured on Hilary Kerr’s Second Life podcast.

What We’re Looking Forward To…

We’re going to Arizona this weekend for Mother’s Day & so excited to spend time with our mom! We’re also seeing our two best friends & their babies. We can’t wait to go to some of our favorite spots – North Italia, The Henry, Bandera & Blanco.

Hope everyone has a great week! We’d love to know what you’ve enjoyed watching, listening to, eating, drinking & what you’ve been eyeing and are looking forward to. Let us know in the comments section or send us a DM on Instagram! Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest to see what inspires us daily!