6 Books to Read This Spring

We’ve always loved to read, but I don’t think we’re alone in thinking how hard it is to find the time with such great content on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, you name it. Luckily, we joined a book club just over five years ago & have been consistently reading a new book every month or two for the past five years. It’s amazing how just a little bit of accountability can go a long way. We highly recommend joining an in-person book club or even an online book club. So many bloggers & sites have newsletter-style book clubs, so no matter where you are, you’re not far from a group of people who band together to keep reading alive in this digital age.

We’re going to start putting together a list of books to try and read each season! Even if you can’t read all six, try and read just one! The books below include two of our favorites, one book we’re currently reading, plus three books we’re dying to read as soon as we can.

When You Find Me, Brain on Fire, Bad Blood, Band of Shadows, Mindset, The Dreamers

When You Find Me by p.j. vernon

This is by far one of our favorite books that has come out of our book club in awhile. The story of When You Find Me reminds us of a mix of Gone Girl meets Sharp Objects. It is a page turner from the very start and tells the story of a missing husband & the small-town investigation. The chapters are narrated from the perspectives of three different characters to help you understand the full story…and prompt even more questions. We don’t want to give too much away, but if you’re looking for a fast read full of twists & turns, this should definitely be your next read.

Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan

This gripping story is a memoir told by Susannah after going through the scariest time of her life at the age of twenty-four. Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness focuses on Susannah’s health scare and dives deep into an autoimmune disease that countless doctors were unable to diagnose. After reading this, we both told our boyfriends to give doctors this book if we start acting like completely different people & suffer many of the same symptoms. It is a truly inspiring story about love, family & perseverance.

Bad Blood by John Carreyrou 

We’re currently reading this book for our book club & even the prologue has us hooked! Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup tells the story of Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of Theranos. The company raised billions of dollars by being on the cutting edge of blood testing technology…until it was discovered that the technology didn’t work. We’re sure you’ve heard her name (or the company’s name) in the news like we had, but this story shares all of the gritty details uncovered by the prize-winning journalist who broke the story in the first place. We are also dying to watch the HBO documentary all about it, The Inventor.

Band of Shadows by H.p. Waitt

The author of this brand-new book is a mutual friend of one of our best friends & we can’t wait to read her debut novel! We’ve been watching her whole writing process via her Instagram stories, and we can’t wait to finally dive in & get reading. Band of Shadows: The Scarlet Onyx Saga is part of what will be a trilogy and centers on a girl named Scarlet who travels to an unknown world and discovers the secrets of her past. The fantasy novel is currently available on Kindle with a hardcover available for pre-order on Amazon!

Mindset by Carol Dweck

This life-changing book was recommended by a motivational speaker at a company annual conference last October. A few people in the audience had also read the book & gave rave reviews, so we’re really excited to see what the hype is all about. World-renowned psychologist Carol Dweck shares her insights on adopting a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset, and all of the accomplishments that can come with that change. We’re so excited to read her book and apply what we learn to daily life.

The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker

We saw this on another must-read list, and as big fans of sleep, we are so captivated by the story. It revolves around a college town in Southern California where people start falling into such deep sleeps & don’t wake up. Their brain waves are heightened & no one knows why or what they’re dreaming about. We find dreams & their meanings so fascinating, so we can’t wait to find out what happens throughout the rest of the storyline.

Let us know if you’ve read any of these books & what you thought of them! We’d also LOVE to learn what’s on your reading list this season. Share your picks with us in the comments section below or DM us on Instagram!

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