5 Fun Facts About Us

We've been seeing a lot of the "5 fun facts" things on Instagram Stories (if you're not following us yet, you can find us here), which gave us the idea to share our own fun facts on the blog! We try to be pretty transparent when it comes to our lives (for the most part), but if you're new here, you may not know some things that make us who we are!

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Here Are 5 Things You May Not Know About Brooke & Kelcy of The Inspired Abode:

1. We're vegetarians. You've probably guessed that we're vegetarians after seeing all of our vegetarian recipe posts, but did you know that we've been vegetarians since birth? Our mom became one when she was 16 and raised us that way, despite the rest of our family eating meat. We've tried little pieces of chicken, fish, turkey, and accidentally ate some Taco Bell meat & an In-N-Out Burger once, but we just don't love the texture & it's pretty easy to stay away from meat/fish/poultry since we've never truly had it & don't "miss" it or ever crave it.

2. We both got business degrees at the W. P. Carey School of Business at ASU. People always ask us if we went to school together, and the answer is yes. Did we also dorm together freshman year and live together with our roommates for sophomore, junior, and senior year? That answer is yes, too. We love each other, what can we say? We were both business majors but with different concentrations – B in business management & K in business communication. We really wanted to go to college in Southern California, but we decided to take advantage of our full academic scholarships, skip the student loans, and just move to LA once we graduated – where we also lived together for two years.

3. Our dad passed away when we were 23 years old. This one's a little more personal, but we think it's important to share since it shapes who we are. Our dad was diagnosed with cancer when we started college and had to fight the tough battle that sadly too many people do. He lived life to the fullest, never complained, traveled abroad & tried new things, and even took a 52-day expedition to Antarctica with Bark Europa while he was sick. He's our inspiration. Also, PSA: Go to the dermatologist and get yearly checkups (whether you're fair-skinned or tan)  – & if you think something may be wrong, triple check with your doctor since they don't always catch things in time...

4. We're adrenaline junkies. We're all about taking calculated risks (we would never do something that could actually cause us harm) but we love a good, professionally run adrenaline experience that makes us nervous – in a good way! We've been skydiving twice (once in Arizona for our 18th birthday & again in Hawaii!) and bungy jumping twice (once in New Zealand at the world's original bungy & again in South Africa at the world's highest commercial bungy). We highly recommend both – even if you don't want to... because trust us, you'll be happy you did it. For those wondering which is the scariest? Bungy jumping (even though you're not as high off the ground) is WAY scarier than skydiving. We're dying to do another one of each someday – & hopefully we can convince Nick & David to do it with us!

5. We're well-rounded (aka quitters). You know how some kids keep playing one instrument or sport, stick with it, and actually get really good? We're the opposite... we quit before things get too hard, which we like to think has made us well-rounded. Let's start with instruments: we played the clarinet, flute, drums, guitar, piano, violin, and almost the French horn. How about sports? We quit gymnastics before we learned to do a back flip, stopped dive because we were afraid to go into the pool once it was no longer summer (in Arizona, btw!), danced fairly consistently until we didn't want to deal with the mean ballet teachers at our performing arts school, stopped Tae Kwon Do a month before we got our black belts because we didn't want to do the pushups & mile run it required, and B had a stint in basketball & soccer until she got sick of not being the best (maybe more practice & not quitting would have helped...but that just isn't our style, haha).

Hope you enjoyed learning a little more about what makes us, us through our fun facts. Now we want to know more about you! Share some fun facts about yourself in the comments!