Everyday Jewelry Pieces We Need Now

Have you ever noticed yourself looking at an image on Instagram where the woman just looks SO put together, but you can't figure out why? 99% of the time it's because she's wearing subtle everyday jewelry that turns her look from ehhh to wow. Feel like wearing a sweater and jeans but don't want to appear too comfy? Just add a pretty ring or thin gold necklace. At least that's our go-to strategy.

But, enough is enough & now is the time where we decide to practice what we preach. Case in point: We both picked up an identical 3-pack of geo rings from H&M and we've worn them so much they're starting to tarnish and look old. We switch off between the same gold Dogeared necklaces we've been wearing for years... Basically, it's time to add more everyday jewelry to our collections.

You might notice a trend in our five wishlist jewelry pieces below - gold. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but gold is pretty much all we wear and all we plan to wear in the coming year, or two, or three. I think it goes really well with our skin tones and hair color! BONUS: All of the items on our top five below are under $50!

1. Shashi Circle Bracelet

5. Delicate Studded Gold Ring

We want to know – how do you spruce up an outfit with jewelry? Link your faves in the comments below so we can get shopping.