10 Tips for Becoming a Morning Person

I was checking my Timehop the other day, and six years ago on Twitter I said that my goal was to become a morning person. Well, since then, it's safe to say that I've officially become one of those people that doesn't hit snooze five times each morning, and I'm actually excited to get up and greet the day.

So what did it take to go from sleeping in until 11am on the weekends to happily waking up at 7am on Saturday & Sunday? Read my tips below on how to become a morning person!

Don't Hit Snooze

The first step to becoming a morning person is to get out of the habit of hitting the snooze button. While it feels like it's great to enjoy those 10 extra minutes of sleep, hitting snooze will become a habit and hurt you in the long run.

Set Your Alarm Earlier Than Necessary

If you know you need to get up at 7am on the weekdays to workout, get ready for work, and get to work on time, try setting your alarm 10-15 minutes earlier than you normally would – around 6:45am. Although it seems crazy, waking up earlier will give you time to stretch and mentally prepare for the day without rushing to hop right back into day-to-day work life.

Let Some Light In

Have you noticed that it's easier to wake up for work in the summer months more than it is the winter months? That's because it's easier to wake up when there's a little more light in your room. Open your blinds slightly or avoid getting black-out curtains. If you absolutely must have a pitch-black room while you sleep, make sure your living room lets some light in to your space.

Do a Short Workout or Get Outside

We could write an entirely different post on training your body to become a "morning workout" person because let's face it: it's harder to work out in the AM than it is in the PM. However, getting a short HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout in before getting ready will help you feel more energized throughout the day – and once you get home from work, you can go out to happy hour, sit on the couch, and relax without feeling guilty. Walking the pup each morning has also helped & I get the added bonus of taking in the fresh air.


Taking a morning shower with shampoo, conditioner & soap with incredible aromas will invigorate your senses and give you a chance to relax and reflect on the day to come. Take deep breaths & give yourself a chance to decompress and get ready for the day.

Eat Breakfast or Have a Morning Beverage

I can't eat a big breakfast right when I wake up in the morning, but I'll typically have a coffee, chai tea latte, fresh-pressed juice, or a smoothie after my workout to get something in my stomach – and then enjoy a bagel or protein bar later in the morning. If you are able to eat first thing in the morning, a nice egg breakfast will definitely set your day on the right track. After all, they do say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Enjoy Your "Me" Time

I started becoming more of a morning person when I was really stressed at work one summer. I realized that during the day I spent hours trying to make other people happy & during the evening, I came home and spent time with friends and family. My only true "me" time was in the morning. Whether you work out, read a book, comb through your social media feeds, or sit and meditate, if you enjoy your morning for yourself, you'll be more apt to wake up happy each day.

Have Something to Look Forward To Every Day

While not every day will consist of an activity that will get you excited to get out of bed, try to make that so. Joining a friend for happy hour, going outside for lunch, or even taking a walk to the local coffee shop before or during work hours can help. If you make it a point to actually look forward to something each day instead of falling into a routine, it will make it much easier to get out of bed in the morning.

Go to Bed Early

It's almost impossible to be both a night owl and a morning person, so if you've decided to be the latter, you'll need to get to bed at a good time – or you'll just always be tired, which isn't a great look. I've found that I prefer waking up and feeling like I've accomplished a lot by 10am rather than staying up until midnight scrolling through the Instagram explore page. If this sounds like you, make sure you're in bed early so you get at least 8 hours of sleep each night.

Get a Dog

Okay, this last one is kind of a joke, but it's true... Ever since I got a dog, I’ve been forced to stay a "morning person." Dogs – especially puppies – don't care if you stayed up until 2am the night before (which of course, we never do because we're old people) because they will wake up when the sun rises and smother you with love and kisses.

As with anything, transforming yourself into something you want to become is hard work. It takes time, dedication, and persistence. In order to follow these steps and not hit the snooze button multiple times, you have to really want to become a morning person. I hope these tips helped!

Has anyone else transitioned from a night owl to a morning person? Feel free to share your tips & experiences in the comments!