Hilarious Halloween Costume: David Pumpkins

Just like everyone else who hasn't been living under a rock for the past week, we fell in love with Tom Hanks all over again after he took on the role of David Pumpkins in perhaps the funniest Halloween-themed skit ever produced by SNL. We knew we had to dress up as David Pumpkins & his skeleton friend(s) for the Halloween party we went to on Saturday night.

We scoured Aahs, Party City & the Internet for the iconic pumpkin suit that Tom Hanks wore in the skit, but we were too little too late. The suit had sold out online and in stores within days of the segment airing on Saturday Night Live.We couldn't let it go, though. We HAD to be David S. Pumpkins no matter what. We scoured the same stores for pumpkin adhesives or stickers that we could stick to the black suit jacket he already had in his closet, but I guess pumpkin-shaped stickers are few and far between. After already shelling out $40 for a skeleton costume (not knowing how hard it would be to find a David Pumpkins-style suit), we weren't about to give up. That's when we visited the Halloween section in Target and saw 'Happy Halloween' cupcake baking cups. The bottom of the cup that would touch the table had a perfect smiling Jack-o-lantern face and the pack came with 75 baking cups. SUCCESS!

With a little lot of patience, we were done! If you're perfectionists like we were, this project will take you 1-2 hours. But lucky for you, you'll be good to go in time for Halloween tonight!

How to DIY an Easy David Pumpkins Costume

- Find a black suit jacket and tie in your closet.

- Go to your local Target or grocery store & find these: Wilton Pumpkin Baking Cups

- Grab about 5-10 baking cups at a time & cut out the circles until you're done.

- Take double-sided tape and begin applying the pumpkins to your suit jacket and tie in a natural pattern.

- Curl your hair in tiny ringlets if you have time, or just mess up your hair with gel. That will do the trick!

- Find a friend or two and have them wear skeleton suits and white fluffy wigs if you can find them.

- Get ready to DANCE.

Once we were all dressed & ready to go, we had two fears: (1) Will people even know who we are? (2) Will there be other 'David Pumpkins' at the party? Lucky for us, we were the only pair & we were recognized right when we stepped into the party. A girl dressed as Eleven from Stranger Things put us on her snapchat and we were told that we 'won Halloween.' All in all, we were pretty impressed with our last-minute costume idea – and now you can be too! If you haven't seen the skit yet, here it is! Tom Hanks is the beloved, scary & confusing David S. Pumpkins that will leave you with plenty of questions:

Or if you're short on time, you can always buy a pumpkin suit here or here.