7 Kitchens That Make Cooking Way More Fun

Many people spend most of their time in the kitchen, while others can't remember the last time they used the oven. My life falls somewhere in the middle.

Though I currently use the tiny kitchen in my apartment to prepare my simple Trader Joe's meals (something most twenty-somethings are probably familiar with), I can't wait for the day I get to enjoy cooking in my own kitchen – preferably with an island.

Maybe it's because I can't have one of my own, but I find myself constantly drawn to kitchens while browsing home décor inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest. Check out seven of my favorite kitchens below – I can't pick a favorite!

1. The Chic Bohemian
This kitchen is the perfect mix of mismatched materials: stainless steel appliances, golden island faucet and hardware, white cabinets and countertops, black island base, and natural barstools with black legs. Tie it all together with an awesome area rug, and bam – you've got a cool A+ space.

Image & design by  Amber Interiors , Photo by  Tessa Neustadt

Image & design by Amber Interiors, Photo by Tessa Neustadt

2. The Black & White Beauty
Black-and-white floors will always be my weakness – especially in the kitchen and when they happen to be checkered. Combine unique tiled flooring with a chic black wall, clean white cabinetry, and awesome camel leather barstools, and I'm in love.

Image via  Royal Roulotte

Image via Royal Roulotte

3. The Not-Your-Average Kitchen Rug
This small-but-gorgeous kitchen makes me want to go straight to the rug store and buy a beautiful Persian rug featuring rich hues that pop against light wood floors, a black door, and elegant white cabinets. (Fresh herbs are a big plus, too!)

Image via  House & Home , Design by  Deb Nelson , Photo by  Janet Kimber

Image via House & Home, Design by Deb Nelson, Photo by Janet Kimber

4. The Masculine-Industrial Space
While the look of this kitchen is a little more manly than I would normally gravitate towards, I can't help but stare at the awesome light fixtures, unique navy blue cabinetry, gold accents, and art on top of a floating shelf. If I was cool and lived in a Brooklyn loft, this would totally be my cooking/eating/entertaining space.

Image via  Elle Decor

Image via Elle Decor

5. The Brick Hideaway
Anyone who knows me well, knows I love exposed brick. Although this kitchen seems extremely small, it has huge personality. Floating shelves offer a bit of storage and copper kitchen accessories beautifully complement an antique stove. Not to mention the black flooring is unique and stylish!

Image via  My Domaine , Photo by  Jenny Wolf

Image via My Domaine, Photo by Jenny Wolf

6. The Colorful Cookhouse
I normally favor kitchens in neutral white, grey, and black hues, but this colorful space changes my mind about all of that. Marble countertops and backsplashes are my weaknesses, and I love the mismatched cabinetry, which is tied together with gold hardware. Since the top cabinets are white and the bottom are a cozy seafoam shade, there's just the right amount of color.

7. The Marble Masterpiece
As mentioned in #6, I absolutely love marble – especially in the kitchen. The marble countertops and backsplash in this space are lovely, and what makes it even more amazing? The marble island! Add in gold hardware, an antique chandelier, and fresh flowers on the counter, and we have a match made in heaven.

When it comes time to design my own kitchen, I have no idea which direction I'll go. White, clean, and marble? Chic, black, and white? The options are endless, and the best part is – both styles are neutral enough to stand the test of time.

Which kitchen is your favorite? Let us know in the comments, and follow The Inspired Abode on Instagram & Pinterest for more inspiration!