Health Challenge: Part One | We Need Your Fitness & Food Tips!

It's day nine of the 50-day health challenge going on at my work right now & it's just the motivation I needed. To promote healthy living, my workplace put together a 50-day health challenge. Everyone who participated got a DXA body scan from a BodySpec truck last Tuesday & it was seriously eye opening. It measures everything from your lean mass, fat mass (body fat), visceral fat & everything in between. It even tells you how balanced the left and right sides of your body are. Before I even saw my results, I knew they weren't going to be what I wanted to hear.

It's been so hard for me to be motivated to work out because in my mind I'm still a fit college girl, but in reality I've definitely packed on a few pounds & notice some rolls that I never had before. I blame sitting at a desk for 8+ hours a day and eating like I still have the metabolism I had in college. David & I were in a good consistent workout flow in March/April, but then after a trip to Arizona where we ate whatever we wanted, it was hard to get back in the swing of things. But this health challenge came at the perfect time because summer is coming & a little monetary compensation (winner gets $1,000!) will help even if I don't actually end up winning.

That being said, I need help!


What are your favorite exercise programs to gain muscle & lose fat? I love FitazFK and Tone It Up for home workouts and Yoga with Adriene for strength & stress relief.


I'm also curious as to who your favorite healthy food bloggers are & where you find healthy recipes! We love Half Baked Harvest, Creme de la Crumb, What's Gaby Cooking, Love and Lemons, and How Sweet Eats, but we need more! K & I are both already vegetarian, so we can't cut out meat to be healthier – and don't even think about telling us not to eat cheese. That's not happening ever ;)

I've already noticed a bit of a difference just by saying no to wine on weeknights (...well most week nights), limiting cheese, and incorporating more veggies in the past week than I've eaten in 5 years.

I'm looking forward to seeing how my body scan results change at the end of June! If it's really good, I might just share everything. We'll see how that goes!