Design & Living: The Best Futon Under $500

Wow, it's been awhile since we've given a move update! Yes, we've been living in this condo for 10 months, but David & I are finally almost done with the major stuff!! We're really just missing art. Kelcy has been such a HUGE help & it's so cool seeing her designs come to life. Most recently, we got to work on our loft... which before now has been more of a storage area.

The reason it's taken us so long to get the loft into a livable state is because it's been SO difficult to find a comfortable, cute & functional futon that retails for under $500 or even under $800 - our max budget. We're so picky! It's also super difficult to find a futon that is less than 80" wide and big enough to sleep more than one person. But....we found one!!

We've been looking for a futon that meets our needs since November when we moved in. It wasn't until I was randomly working out of IKEA Burbank while our kittens were having their spay/neuter surgeries a couple of months ago that I found one! I'm sure my eyes just glanced over the futon while looking online so many times, but after seeing & feeling it in person, I was hooked! Introducing, the HIMMENE Sleeper Sofa.

Girl sitting on beige futon

We just picked it up from IKEA ourselves & we're officially obsessed. Did I mention that it has storage too? So those pillows, comforters & sheets we were keeping in our upstairs closet are now hidden in the futon itself. I do wish they made it in multiple color options, but luckily the beige works perfectly for our current situation!

Just FYI - the futon comes in two parts (one is HUGE and super heavy). We'd suggest renting a U-Haul pick-up truck before making the trek out to IKEA (or asking a nice friend!), because this will not fit in your average sedan with the seats down like we thought it would. If you need a laugh, just picture us taking it up the spiral staircase...

We've had one guest sleep on it so far, and we were happy to hear that it's comfortable! Let us know if you've had a good experience with this futon & feel free to give other suggestions in the comments.