We Fostered Kittens!

About a month ago, David & I made the spontaneous decision to foster kittens. He never had kittens or cats growing up since his mom is allergic, so we figured fostering would be the best way to find out if bringing a living, breathing life form into our home was the right fit.

We went in thinking we could foster one kitten. Silly us. When we found out the kittens were too young to be without a buddy, we picked the two we wanted to foster. But, nope! When kittens are that young (4-5 weeks!), foster parents have to take the full litter. We chose the litter of four kittens and let's just say it's been quite an eventful month since.

They are the cutest little things we've ever seen or held in our hands. When we first got them they were so small & scared, and now they're growing up, have their own personalities, and even play with Cooper (K's mini-Aussie). David has been the best & sweetest "cat daddy" (that's what I call him now... thanks Chris Brown!) ever – more than I ever would have thought. The little monsters all got sick at the same time when I was on a work trip in NYC, and David stayed up late each night taking care of them, giving them medicine, wiping their bums & giving them bowl baths to clean them off. Thankfully, that part of the fostering experience is over, but it sure did teach David patience & parenting skills, and it taught me just how amazing he is.

Although we wish we could keep all four, we promised each other we wouldn't turn into crazy cat people. We decided to keep two: Winston and Romeo. They're best friends & the most cuddly of the litter. They get along with Cooper the best too!

Enough chatting, it's time to show you pictures of our little angels!! Thank you to all of you who've tolerated the pictures/videos/craziness all over Instagram stories. I can admit that I'm a bit obsessed with these guys & girl!

Cute calico cat and TV Four kittens on laptop Grey tabby kitten asleep Tabby cat smiling and sleeping Tabby cats and Mini Australian Shepherd Sleeping tabbies on couch Grey and normal tabby play on carpet Dark tortoise calico cat sleeping Tabby kitten sleeping on couch Grey and tabby kitten asleep Kitten on rug and kittens on couch

If you're in the LA area and want to adopt, please let us know! We'd love to be confident in knowing the two we're unable to keep went to a good home. And if you're not in LA and thinking about fostering? Do it! It's such a fun & rewarding experience, but be prepared to fall in love and keep 1 or more than you were expecting.