Moving Mayhem: Buying a Couch + Rug

If you follow us on Instagram, you know that I moved into a condo with my boyfriend last weekend!We opted to do the move on our own sans professional movers, and let's just say we'll never do it again. We were scheduled to pick up the U-Haul at 9am, but of course the alarm didn't go off at 7am like we planned (my fault), and I just so happened to wake up and check the clock at 8:50am! The people at U-Haul were surprisingly understanding and let us move the pick-up time up to 10am.

Fast forward six hours and the U-Haul was successfully emptied into our bright new condo, although the sun was setting by the time we were finished. For the next eight hours, we toted the final boxes and miscellaneous items from our old apartments to the new place via car trunks and back seats filled to the brim. Saturday and Sunday consisted of moving last-minute items, cleaning (renting a place as-is really does mean as-is), and Target runs. Now that all of the boxes are piled neatly in what will eventually be the dining room, we're focusing our efforts on ordering furniture and home d├ęcor to take advantage of Black Friday!

You guys may already follow K's design blog and Instagram for The Inspired Abode, but definitely check both out if you haven't already followed along. She so generously created a gorgeous mock-up for our living room, and we've already started making it a reality. Side note: She just received her diploma in Interior Design!


Fabric swatches on cork board at Apt2B

K introduced us to Apt2B, an awesome furniture e-commerce website where you as the buyer choose a style and customize it to your own desire after ordering free fabric swatches to help you make your decision. Since we're located in LA and their warehouse is in North Hollywood, we made an appointment to view their 'sofa lounge' and fabric swatches in real life, and I'm happy to say that the comfort level was there. David and I were in between the Mulholland sectional and the District sectional at CB2, but after sitting in both it was an easy choice.

We're so excited to have our couch delivered in 2-3 weeks! We ended up choosing to have the sectional created in the color Smoke since it looks classy, unique and unlike standard couches you can purchase just anywhere. Plus, it's going to go so well with our Safavieh 9x12 rug, which you should 100% purchase on Amazon rather than Target or any other website since it is SO much cheaper. For instance, right now the 9x12 is $800 on and only $332 on Make sure you do your research before you buy in order to find the best price! We found this deal on Amazon all because we were looking for reviews since Target's website didn't have any. Smoke grey sofa sectional from Apt2B Ivory and grey shag rug with diamonds

I can't wait to show you how the items look in our living room once K works her design magic! Let us know in the comments if you're looking forward to seeing the rest of our Moving Mayhem series as we put together my condo & soon-to-be K's condo from start to finish.

P.S. Apt2B is going to have an amazing Black Friday deal (20% off!!) and they were nice enough to honor it for us a few days early when we popped in yesterday. Yay!