Neighborhood Favorite: Baltaire

You wouldn't think a steakhouse would be a "Neighborhood Favorite" for a pair of vegetarians, but Baltaire in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Brentwood is one of our all time favorites. We don't make it there often since it can get pricey & quickly make a dent in your bank account; however, when we do...we go all out. And hey, if it's good enough for Matt Damon, Chelsea Handler AND Reese Witherspoon? It's good enough for us.Right when you walk through the doors, you're greeted with classy leather bar seats, tables scattered elegantly throughout an open floor plan, and a sometimes-open-air patio with a retractable roof. Your cocktail, liquor & wine list can be found by flipping through an extensive menu bound in brown leather – a precursor to the sophisticated day/evening you're about to have. Basically, this place was #1 on our Brentwood list before even ordering.

Keep in mind, the lunch menu is available on weekdays only. We always obsess over menus before actually arriving at the restaurant, so we were a little disappointed when we found out that the lunch menu we were excited about is replaced with the brunch menu on weekends. Nothing a little begging for mac n' cheese (SO good!) even though it's not on the menu and bourbon juleps can't fix!

Keep reading to find out what we ordered & get ready to salivate.

We've always wanted to go to the Kentucky Derby, but for now we can settle on delicious (& strong!) Baltaire Bourbon Juleps. They let you choose between bourbon, gin, rum, rye, tequila and vodka.

Copper julep goblet with Baltaire menu
The boys got the Turkey Sausage Scramble (not pictured!) and Duck Confit Hash – basically a fancy & delicious version of Eggs Benedict.
Poached egg on top of duck confit patty

We split the Chilequiles Verde (how picture-perfect are those eggs?!) in addition to our beloved Mac and Cheese.

Sunny side up eggs on top of chips

& our absolute favorite? The LEGENDARY Baltaire Mac and Cheese. This is the best mac n' cheese that money can buy for just $8 at lunch and $10 at dinner. It is baked in the same dish you eat it out of, topped with crunchy crumbs & chives, and so deliciously creamy. And for seafood lovers, you can add lobster (+$8) and king crab (+$10).

Skillet macaroni with gooey cheese

We thought the only good beignets in California were at Café du Monde. Yes, those are insanely good, but since we don't live walking distance to Disneyland, we'll opt for the Powdered Beignets at Baltaire – complete with three different dipping sauces: vanilla, chocolate & espresso. YUM!

NOLA style beignets with three dipping sauces


So there you have it! Vegetarians can enjoy a good steakhouse minus the steak. Our boyfriends LOVE the steak, so if that's your thing, definitely stop by and give that a try. But if you walk away from reading this knowing one thing...get the Mac and Cheese no. matter. what.