Life Lately: Quarter-Life Happiness

More often than not you hear about someone's mid-life crisis, or quarter-life crisis for those of us 20-somethings getting that much closer to 30. We turned 25 at the end of June, and (surprisingly!) have only experienced "quarter-life happiness" since.
One of the biggest & best things we've realized? Work hard at the office or your career, but do what you love with just as much energy all other hours of the day – even if it amounts to less. Taking our own advice, we've decided to spend more time working to make ourselves happy! That means blogging, treating ourselves to delicious meals, getting together at least once a week to prepare for the launch of our Etsy shop, and saying "no" to things we don't want to do & "YES!" to activities we truly enjoy.
Check out the photos below to catch up on our lives for the past few months & we promise you won't have to wait this long again!

Kelcy went to Mexico:

View of the turquoise blue ocean from the rocks of Tulum, Mexico
Men in charro suits with woman in Mexican garb before tequila tasting
We were Maids of Honor at our best friend Paige's wedding:

Twins and the bride-to-be at Mumm in Napa
Bride-to-be and her girlfriends at Mumm Napa in Northern California
Bridesmaids in rehearsal dinner attire holding wine glasses
Bride-to-be and three maid of honor women
Bridesmaids in pink dresses and an outdoor first dance
Bride and bridesmaids outside holding hand-picked bouquets

We played with bunnies and chickens at our friend Chanel's "Party Animal" get-together:

Red-head twins holding chickens at petting zoo
Girl kissing bunny at outdoor petting zoo
Chanel Celaya and Brooke Christy holding rabbits in arms

We ate (DUH!):

Breakfast and brunch at Ashland Hill in Santa Monica
Boyfriend and girlfriend holding ice cream from Westwood hotspot
Truffle fries and open-faced vegetarian meal at Umami Burger in Hollywood
Double scoop of ice cream from Van Leeuwen truck

Our friend Taylor came into town, so we went to Rosenthal in Malibu:

Relaxing on a blanket with a glass of wine
Three girls with wine glasses at Rosenthal Wines

We celebrated our birthday at Disneyland:

Man and woman eat pretzel at Disneyland

Kelcy went horseback riding & to the Hollywood Bowl:

Crowds and mountains of the hollywood bowl in Los Angeles
Couples horseback riding trip in Pacific Palisades, California

We fell in love with Nashville:

Twins standing in front of I Believe in Nashville mural

& we celebrated the 4th of July and found out we need more patriotic clothes:

Twins and friends sitting on stairs at Independence Day party

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