Nous Parlons Français!

A couple of months ago, we were captivated by the Serial podcast. Not only was the true story incredible and riveting to listen to, but the 20-45 minute episodes made our commute to work so much more exciting. When Serial ended, we looked all over the iTunes Podcasts top charts in hopes of finding a new way to pass the time, but nothing kept our attention... Until we found Coffee Break French!
Twins in Paris at the Louvre museum

We've always been interested in learning new languages, and French has been at the top of our list since Paris is our all time favorite city. K & I both took French in high school and are able to read the language fairly well, but it's been great to learn proper pronunciation so we can get more comfortable speaking out loud and be able to turn thoughts and phrases into full, spoken sentences.

There are currently four seasons of Coffee Break French, and they continue to add new episodes every week! There are 40 lessons per season, and we are currently on Season One: Lesson 25. There is so much more to learn! Since we limit ourselves to one twenty minute lesson per day every weekday, we should finish our lessons in a little less than 7 months!

Our goal at the end of this is to plan a trip to Paris to practice what we've learned!
If you're not interested in learning French, the same program also has lessons in Spanish, Italian, and German. We want to learn Spanish next, and then Italian to build on what I already learned while studying abroad in Milan.I hope you love the easy and quick lessons as much as we do!