Oscars 2015: AMC Best Picture Showcase

Last month, AMC sent an email about their annual Best Picture Showcase – 4 Oscar-nominated movies on Saturdays, two weekends in a row – and we immediately bought tickets. Since we'd already seen most of the movies on the weekend-one lineup, we opted to attend day two to see the movies we've been most excited for.10:00am - Boyhood1:05pm - The Theory of Everything 3:30pm - The Imitation Game 6:25pm - American Sniper

Since we're notorious (especially me) for falling asleep in movies and getting hungry, we were pretty nervous about sitting in a movie theater from 10:00am - 8:30pm. However, we were pleasantly surprised by how energized we were throughout the experience.

Our 5 secrets for spending ALL day at the movies: 1. Have a big breakfast! (P.S. Is anyone else disappointed that Noah's New York Bagels changed their Jalapeño Salsa schmear recipe?) 2. Get a coffee to drink during movie #2. 3. Have a super-sized Icee during movie #3. 4. Eat a Chipotle burrito between the 3rd and 4th movies.

5. Indulge in movie-theater candy during the last film.


When I went home, I watched Birdman with Nick, making my day full of not just four, but five Oscar noms. Definitely a record!

Overall, we enjoyed all of the movies! We're hoping Eddie Redmayne wins Best Actor and are still undecided about Best Picture, but The Theory of Everything was the movie we were most looking forward to and ultimately our favorite. We're already counting down the days until the next AMC Best Picture Showcase and this year's awards haven't even started yet!

Who are you rooting for for this year's Academy Awards? Get in on the fun & fill out an Oscars bracket to share with your friends – that's what we'll be doing throughout tonight's festivities!