Weekend Getaway: Christmas in Santa Barbara

After hosting a game night with our mom & friends on Christmas Eve, we packed our bags & hit the road. Christmas in Santa Barbara was the perfect mix of relaxation & fun that we needed. 
Most of our trip revolved around food & dessert. We made sure to stop at two of our favorite spots while we were there: First up was Los Agaves for burritos & we were thrilled that our mom said it was the best burrito she'd ever had. After window shopping along State Street, we ran into McConnell's to grab a scoop of ice cream despite the chilly weather. 
We spent most of one day at the Santa Barbara Zoo visiting with snow leopards, penguins, creepy crawlers, lions, gorillas, and feeding Michael the Giraffe.
Old Town Santa Barbara clock
Los Agaves burritos on traditional tile
McConnell's fine ice cream cones
Macaw at the Santa Barbara Zoo
Feeding a giraffe at the Santa Barbara Zoo
Pink flamingos standing at Santa Barbara Zoo
Buttercup the giraffe at the Santa Barbara Zoo
The little guy above is Buttercup – Michael the Giraffe's one-month-old son. We saw a video of his birth (here) before seeing him in the flesh. It was amazing to watch him walk around and interact with the other (much taller) giraffes! 
Most of all, we loved having four days & three nights of perfectly clear Santa Barbara weather with our mom while she was in town. We're so lucky to have her as our best friend & can't wait for our next adventure together!