Now Streaming: "Stay With Me"

July has been off to a great start!
We moved into our new apartments, and I started working with K at Inside Weddings. I absolutely love it! We've been working from home while the new office is being set up & it's given us the opportunity to blast some of our favorite songs without disturbing our colleagues. We discovered Songza – which has actually been around for awhile – and love that the website/app suggests playlists for your mood, time of day, etc. Our favorite playlists so far are "Today's Male Singer-Songwriters" and "Today's Female Singer-Songwriters."
Tangent aside, we wanted to share a new version of Sam Smith's "Stay With Me" featuring the lovely Mary J. Blige. They make singing with soul look so easy.


I hope you enjoy this version of the song!

K & I are hoping to start blogging more (& working out, eating well, etc.) on a regular basis starting next week once we're back in the office...stay tuned!