73 Questions

You may have heard of Vogue's "73 Questions" video series,
which features interviews with celebrities in their own homes using a single take of footage. 
So far, they've interviewed Olivia Munn and Sarah Jessica Parker.

We thought it'd be fun to answer the 73 questions they asked fellow-LA resident, Olivia Munn.
K's answers are in pink & B's are in blue.

1. How long have you been in LA?
Two years this August.
Me too.
2. What's the most underrated thing in LA?
I'm drawing a blank...
Central air-conditioning.
3. What is a perfect weekend trip out of LA?
Laguna Beach.
Santa Barbara.
4. What are three words to describe living in LA?
Busy, crisp & humbling.
Lively, hectic & fun.
5. What's your favorite spirit animal?
Red Panda.
6. What genre of music should we have behind this interview?
Solo piano.
7. Who is your favorite living musician?
Andrea Bocelli.
Luke Bryan.
8. Who is your favorite non-living musician?
Etta James.
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole aka IZ.
9. If your life was a song, what would the title be?
"Listen hear sweet child."
"Fly feather, fly."
10. What's the last hobby you picked up?
Re-learning piano.
Learning French via DuoLingo - highly recommended!
11. What's the geekiest thing about you?
What I find funny.
I enjoy reading & staying in more than going out...even though I'm single.
12. What topic would you own in trivia?
Pop culture.
13. If you constructed a college class, what would the subject be?
All The Things You Need to Know in Life That Aren't Taught in School.
Budgeting for Beginners.
14. If you taught a kindergarten class, what would the subject be?
Sign Language.
How To Be Polite.
15. What's something you can't be subjected to for too long?
Loud screaming.
16. What is one thing you would want to be asked if you were interviewed by Zack Galifianakis?
"Why are you laughing?"
17. What's the best exercise?
That's what I was going to say.
18. What's your favorite yoga move?
Child's pose.
I hate yoga...
19. What's your favorite movie in the past five years?
Love & Other Drugs.
20. What's your favorite movie of all time?
The Titanic.
21. What's the movie you laughed the hardest during?
Horrible Bosses or Step Brothers.
This Is The End.
22. What's the movie you cried the hardest during?
The Titanic.
A Walk to Remember.
23. What's the best animated movie ever created?
The Lion King.
Finding Nemo.
24. What's the coolest thing in your house?
My bright yellow chaise.
My keyboard.
25. What's the coolest thing you've ever seen?
Wild baby elephants.
The Colosseum.
26. What's the coolest thing about Japan?
Never been.
Me neither.  But I heard they have nap pods.
27. Is it true you speak Japanese?
Not at all.
28. What's the best first date idea?
A fun activity.
Dinner & a movie.
29. What's the worst first date idea?
Going to a workout class.
30. What is love?
Love is when someone else is sad & you feel just as sad when you have no reason to be.
Love is when someone else's happiness is your own.
31. What's the weirdest thing a guy has said or done to try to impress you?
Insult me.
Called the conversation I was having with my friends boring.
32. What's the funniest pick-up line a guy could use on a girl?
"Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?"
Any of the pick up lines from A Night at the Roxbury.
33. What's the best pick-up line you would use on a guy?
I don't know any pick-up lines...
"Is that a pistol in your pocket, or are you just excited to see me?"
34. Roses or orchids?
Peach roses.
35. Who is the last person you texted?
36. Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?
37. Best comic book ever created?
No idea.
I've never read one.
38. Best super hero ever created?
39. Best video game ever created?
Pokemon Snap.
Police 911.
40. Best video game console ever created?
Super Nintendo.
41. What monster would you destroy?
42. What color dress did you wear to prom?
Navy blue for Junior Prom & black/white for Senior Prom.
Bright blue for Junior Prom & red for Senior Prom.
43. Blow dry or air dry?
Blow dry.
Blow dry.
44. Do you dress up every morning?
Only if I have to.
45. Who is your fashion icon?
Olivia Palermo.
Rachel Bilson.
46. What are three things that are always in your purse?
Chapstick, hand sanitizer & hand lotion.
A pen, sunglasses & gum.
47. What's your favorite food?
48. What's your least favorite food?
Most Asian cuisine minus Indian.
49. Favorite dessert?
Crème Brûlée.
50. Favorite thing to order at a bar?
51. Who is a person you'd love to have a drink with?
Jennifer Lawrence.
Zac Efron.
52. Who is a historical figure you'd love to have a drink with?
Abraham Lincoln.
Princess Diana.
53. If you had a drink with President Obama, what would you ask him?
Where he was born.
If he misses his privacy.
54. If you could play a historical figure in a movie, who would it be?
Amelia Earhart.
Grace Kelly.
55. What's been the best thing about 2014?
Lots of positive change.
Accepting a new job!
56. Do you have a goal for 2015?
Be the fittest I've ever been.
Find more time for hobbies.
57. What is a current trend that you hope doesn't exist in 100 years?
Worrying about how many "likes" you get.
58. Do you like kitties or puppies?
59. What was your first pet?
A cat named Alex.
A cat named Shadow.
60. What was your first pet's name?
We already said.
61. What's the ugliest breed of dog?
Anything hairless.
Chinese Crested.
62. Favorite country to visit?
Moi aussi.
63. Last country you visited?
64. Country you wish to visit?
Back to France - but this time the South of France.
65. Under water or outer space?
Outer space.
Me too.
66. Where would you spend retirement?
A cozy beach town.
A vineyard.
67. Best gift you've ever received?
A car.
My laptop.
68. Best gift you've ever given?
Weekend getaway.
Not sure.
69. What's your favorite board game?
Taboo - but only when B is my teammate.
Me too!!
70. Biggest learning experience of your life?
Moving away from home.
All of the travels we've been lucky to experience.
71. Proudest moment of your life?
Fulfilling my goal of moving to LA after college.
I'm going to steal K's and say ditto.
72. What are you most excited about life right now?
That the best days are ahead.
New job & new apartment.
73. Life advice in Japanese?
We'd have to use Google Translate for that one...

Now you know 73 more things about each of us!