Currently Coveting: A Furry Friend

For Valentine's Day, our mom sent us a beautifully potted Gardenia plant.  We named her Gertrude because it was the only name we could think of that started with a G at the time.  Gertrude had about five buds that would soon bloom into delightfully smelling gardenias. After killing Henry, our house palm tree, we were determined to take amazing care of our new living creature.  Except we didn't.I walked into the kitchen yesterday, where we consciously placed her so we'd remember to water her (near the sink) and where light would shine on her through the kitchen window, but she was dead. Only brown leaves & fallen buds, we had to explain to our mom that we would never be able to send her a photo of the gardenias we nurtured to life.It was then that I realized I might not be ready to bring a living animal, let alone another plant, into my life.  I've been wanting a furry friend so badly, but after Gertrude's unfortunate end I'm re-thinking that decision.  For now, I'll look upon these cute photos of the animals I wish I could adopt & do my best to be a little more responsible.






In case you're all curious as to how cute Gertrude was, this is her right out of the packaging, fresh & happy.


Do you think not being able to care for a plant means we shouldn't get an animal? Weigh in! We want to hear from pet owners!