Weekend Getaway: Scottsdale

At the end of March, we hopped on a plane to Phoenix, Arizona with a plan to re-live our college years & get together with our best friends living in Arizona.  Olivia flew in from Las Vegas & we arrived at Sky Harbor International Airport at 9pm on Friday, ready for the weekend ahead.Paige & Taylor picked us up and took us straight to our go-to wine bar: Postino Wine Cafe.  As always, we had plenty of wine along with two bruschetta boards - our favorite!The best part of the evening had to be when newly-engaged Paige pulled us aside & asked if we would be her co-MOHs (Maid of Honor).  After shedding a few tears, we said yes & absolutely can't wait to start planning!

The next morning, we joined up with a couple more friends at O.H.S.O. - a new, trendy brunch spot in Phoenix that is delicious & dog friendly!  A shopping trip to Nordstrom Rack & a pit-stop at Whole Foods for a "Dirty Chai" – chai latte with a shot of espresso – was a must after our meal.
That night, after watching the end of a couple March Madness games to re-coop, we all joined up again for dinner at Cornish Pasty Co.  This is probably my favorite restaurant in Arizona, so I was thrilled that they opened a new location in Downtown Scottsdale where we were planning on going dancing afterward.
After dinner, we hopped from bar to club to bar & I was shocked at how many new places have sprouted up in Scottsdale since we moved a year & a half ago.  Scottsdale is like a mini-Vegas now!

Sunday morning we woke up somber, knowing our trip was about to come to an end.  We went out with a bang by having brunch with the gang at Daily Dose in Phoenix. Trips like that make me miss living in Arizona, but at least it's only a 6-hour drive or 1-hour flight away! Plus, now that we're MOHs, we'll be taking flights left & right to help Paige whenever she needs!

Have any of you been to Arizona?