Five Things I Want To Do Better

While I'm sitting here listening to Lana Del Rey and Birdy, it's hard not to self reflect. So here is a list of five things I'd like to improve about myself in order to have a more fulfilled life. 

1. Listen more. B sent me a quote today that I really resonated with: "You can't really listen if you're too busy thinking about what you're going to say next." This is so unbelievably true. While I sometimes feel that I'm a great listener, other times I catch myself not even listening to my friends/family because I can't wait to say what I want to say next. And chances are, so much time has passed that what I was originally going to say is no longer I should have just been listening the entire time.

2. Wear more accessories.  B and I saw a young woman on an airplane last month who looked so put together. She was wearing a simple pair of blue jeans, a blouse, and a long camel trench, but she looked so elegant. We soon realized that it was how she composed herself and accessorized her outfit with a gold watch, sophisticated bracelets, and cute shoes. Adding new shoes, bracelets, rings, necklaces, purses, etc. can add so much to an otherwise boring outfit.

3. Learn – or re-learn – a new skill. In college, I was always so busy. I would go to school in the morning, an internship in the afternoon, work in the evening, and out with friends at night. Now that I'm working the 9-6 life, all I want to do when I get home is veg on the couch with a glass of red. I really want to use more of my free time to learn new skills: learn calligraphy, re-teach myself piano, bake more, cook new recipes, try out DIYs, and maybe even get my real estate license on the side. 4. Initiate more often. Having a twin can sometimes have its disadvantages. Sure, it's awesome to have an automatic best friend, but that also means that we're perfectly okay staying in on Friday night, Saturday night, and every night of the week with each other on our couch. I want to try my best to make more time to hang out with friends, Skype with my friends in different states, and call more people on the phone.

5. Dedicate more time to this blog. I want to look back on BKCsquared and see it as a sort of photo diary for our thoughts as twenty-somethings. This blog is something B & I will treasure for years to come, and we should give it the attention it deserves. Plus, all of our readers deserve more inspirational posts. Tell us what you want to see on the blog in the comments section or email us at!

Also, feel free to comment with your self-improvement ideas or suggestions for some new hobbies!