Life Lately

The night before the "Spring Forward" version of Daylight Savings, we had quite the argument about what that would mean as far as setting clocks and the rising & setting sun.  We were two Arizona girls, who never had to think twice about Daylight Savings (Arizona's time never changes), trying to make sense of it all.  But hey – it happened, we got through it, we found out who was right (K of course) & now it's Spring!!

We love sister lunches at one of our favorite pizza places: 800 Degrees!
B's obsessed with her new sunnies & won't take them off.
We had to stop for our favorite fries on Mom's birthday weekend in Arizona. 
B indulged in Taco Tuesday last week – but was rebellious & got enchiladas. 
K met Duff Goldman from Ace of Cakes & brought home some tasty cakes for us to try.
We made our own sangria & it was fabulous.  This is actually a video & it is mouth-watering.
Judging by the looks of our last month in pictures, we did a lot of eating. We're looking forward to a Spring filled with cardio barre classes (we took advantage of their GroupOn deal) and healthier eating.

What are your plans for Spring?