Enjoy Your Own Company

Rarely are K & I ever alone. But when we are, we choose to add a slice of creativity to our day without the distraction of technology.  Anything goes here – whether it's doodling, practicing cursive, humming a new tune, writing, or playing the piano.  Over the weekend, it was writing for me & I want to share a poem I wrote with you.  This is probably the only poem I've written in the last five years.
Beauty Unseen
Wake, dress, work, dine, unwind & dream.
Clocks tick while days pass,
a cycle unforgiving to those who surrender.
& to those who deny this course?
We open our eyes to the beauty unseen.
The sounds yet to be heard.
The touch once felt.
The taste of a thousand memories.
The smell of sweet familiarity.
We remember that the ocean kisses the sand under moonlight.
A child laughs alone in his room.
Intertwined hands pulse with a silent message.
A home-cooked meal has a beginning, but no end.
& a whiff of salty skin or her perfume is inscribed in us like a seal in wax.
Wake, dress, work, dine, unwind, dream & witness beauty in all things unseen.
Happy Tuesday & let's all remember to take some time for ourselves this week, shall we?