Now Streaming: The Saint Johns

I always love hearing a song I've never heard before, whether it's via Pandora, iTunes Radio, or a shared playlist.  This week, that song was "Your Head and Your Heart" by The Saint Johns – a duo from Florida currently residing in Nashville.

Louis Johnson & Jordan Meredith each have angelic voices, but together they blend in the most beautiful way.  I like to think that I could be Jordan in another life (hello bangs?), but for now I'll just listen to this song on repeat.

If you loved this song as much as I did, you may wish to visit their website in order to listen to full songs from their EP: Open Water.  
& ending with my favorite lyrics from their title track:

"But I know that no matter the season, 
your love for me will never change.
Because you are the open water,
the depth of you pulls me in.
And you are the wild fire,
you are the earth and the wind."

What did you all think?