dineLA: Vinoteque on Melrose

Since I couldn't get enough of the first dineLA, 
Nick & I decided to go to a fun Sunday lunch at a cute little wine & tapas joint, Vinoteque on Melrose.
We sat outside at their adorable mosaic bistro tables. Before our food came, it started to sprinkle a bit so we moved to a comfier location (with not as cute tables) still outside, but beneath an awning.
For $20, we got three courses plus we ordered some cheap – and delicious – mimosas.

Course One: Choose 1 Tapas
Nick got the Parmesean Fries with black truffle oil & salsa brava.
I got the Fried Artichoke Hearts with horseradish sauce & tarragon vinegar.

Course Two: Choose 1 Sandwich
Nick got the Roasted Pork Sandwich with ham, honey mustard, pickled onions & swiss cheese.
I got the Grilled Eggplant Sandwich with roasted red pepper, mushroom, spinach, feta & tsatziki.

Course Three: Choose 1 Dessert
Nick got the Warm Banana Cake with malted vanilla sauce, mixed berries & chocolate hazelnut cream.
I got the Mini Churros with a carmel dip and a strawberry dip.

Everything was incredible, and I really wish it was dineLA every week. The cutest thing about this place was that they have love locks on the stairway up to the entrance just like the Pont des Arts in Paris. 

Do any of you have this sort of thing in your city? 
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