Neighborhood Favorite: Brick + Mortar

A weekend filled with friends, food, and a bit of fun is always a blast.  & this past weekend was all of that, plus a little bit more thanks to our best friend Paige, who came out to visit us from AZ for the first time since we've lived in LA!  
Friday night: Dinner on 3rd Street Promenade & drinks at The Bungalow in Santa Monica.
Saturday: Photo ops at one of the most gorgeous beaches in Malibu (more on that in a later blog post!), a hike gone awry, dinner at The Hudson, & a cup of tea while attempting to addict Paige to Scandal
Sunday: the reason for this blog post.
Brick + Mortar is one of my all-time favorite brunch spots. Throw in guests including K's boyfriend, Olivia (also visiting - but from Las Vegas), and her boyfriend & we had a recipe for one of our best Sundays in awhile.  The hot spot has great breakfast pizzas & sandwiches, but my favorite part is their bottomless mimosas & bloody-mary bar. With glass after glass of champagne mixed with a bit of Vitamin C, brunch-goers are bound to have a great time.  

After our two-hour brunch came to an end, we decided to explore Santa Monica by foot.  & with that, hilarity ensued.
Thank you for visiting Paige!! Come back soon!