Weekend Getaway: Toronto

At this time last week, I was zipping up my suitcase & heading out the door so that K could take me to the airport for my red-eye flight to Toronto.  
"Why Toronto?" Well, since you asked: my best friend, Sheri, that I met while studying abroad in Milan, Italy lives there & we were WAY over due for a visit.

The weekend started off with a big nap to prepare us for what would come next & after we exchanged presents, it was time to get the show on the road.
The whole weekend was jam-packed: shop. eat. get ready. drink. go out on the town. taxi home. sleep. repeat.

Favorite Moments:
- Lunch + Sangria @ Trattoria Nervosa (aka the delicious Italian food above)
- Denim shopping @ Dutil 
- Complimentary valet @ Holt Renfrew
- Meeting Chef Lee @ Lee
- Champagne nights @ Everleigh
- & of course free wi-fi @ Starbucks