A Bit of Advice

Leaves are falling.  It's getting a bit chillier outside.  & pretty soon every one of your friends (real & Facebook amigos alike) will be coupling up like it's going out of style.  It's just that season.  
It's Fall: time to carve cute pumpkins, figure out which "couple" costume you and your beau are wearing on Halloween, & decide whether or not to invite that guy you're dating to your Aunt's house for Thanksgiving dinner.
But then again, there are those of us that don't really care what season it is.  Even though it's more fun to cuddle up with blankets and make forts with a significant other – it's just as fun to make s'mores in the microwave & paint your toenails solo.  
Which brings me off of this rant & onto some great advice K stumbled upon for me while flipping through her Instagram feed.  
Love never comes to those who go out searching for it.  That's why it's called falling in love -- it happens when you least expect it.