We Will Never Forget

We will never forget. 

"We" being the entire country.
"We" being the citizens of the world.
& we (K & I) will never forget waking up on that Tuesday morning and seeing the news on the TV as we made our way into the kitchen for breakfast.  At first, it looked like a terrible accident.  We polished off our plates and sipped up the last of our smoothies before hopping in mom's car to be driven to what we thought was a regular day in the sixth grade.
Not even an hour passed and we could hear our teacher's walkie talkie go off, the concerned voice of our assistant principal on the other side.  We were dismissed for the day.  & when normally that would mean jumping for joy and looking forward to the full day ahead, it brought only fear instead.  What we had seen earlier on the news wasn't any ordinary plane crash.
Only one girl in our class had a cell phone (imagine that, right?).  We all switched off calling our parents.  They came right away.  Our Dad was stuck in St. Louis due to all scheduled flights being called to a halt.  We spent the day with loved ones, watching the news, praying for those that lost their lives, & more than that, praying for their families who were left behind: confused, angry, & in complete shock.
Now this "I remember..." story is NOTHING compared to the tragic truths that thousands of children, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters, lovers, parents, and friends live to tell.  I empathize with every single one of them.  The word empathize doesn't even cut it.

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We will never forget.  

& a few things we should never forget while we're at it:
- Never go to bed angry.
- Never be afraid to tell someone you love them or care about them.  There are no rules.
-Never go a day without doing something you love.  Life is short.  
Love to all of you!