Weekend Getaway: Palm Springs

Palm Springs.
A mecca of amazing resorts, sparkling pools, cute restaurants, and snazzy shops.
Typically when people plan for weekend getaways in the hot summer months, they go to cooler destinations. But when LA is 75 and sunny most of the time, we escaped to the desert for some much-needed R&R.
Step 1 for a fun trip: Surprise Someone! 
We had planned the weekend trip with one of our best friends, Olivia. She came back to LA from her new home in Las Vegas, so we all planned a girl's trip. Little did she know...we were also planning on bringing along her college roommates Heather & Leanne!
The day B & I were supposed to pick her up from her parent's house, she was surprised to find H&L there with their suitcases packed as well!
The hedge wall at Riviera Palm Springs.
L-R: Leanne, me, Olivia, Heather, & B
Step 2 for a fun trip: Pick a Swanky Hotel.
Since we had never been to Palm Springs, we were in desperate need of hotel recommendations. We decided on Riviera Palm Springs, which is a fun place for twenty-somethings to roam about and hop from pool to dance floor. The rooms were gorgeous and super girly (great for a girl's weekend), the restaurants were delish (we indulged with Sunday brunch), and the pool parties reminded us of our most favorite Vegas weekends.
Best. Room. Ever.
Right after Bobby Brown held the door open for us.
L-R: Heather, Leanne, Olivia, B & me
Fancy huevos rancheros for brunch. YUM.
Step 3 for a fun trip: Have so much fun you don't want it to end.
After a much needed chatting session, dinner at Lulu California Bistro, dancing at Ace Hotel, more dancing at our hotel, sleep, brunch at Circa 59, a 1 hour pool sesh turned 5 hour pool sesh, and Chipotle (duh!), it was time for our 24 hours of fun to come to an end. The 2 hour drive home was a bummer, but we all made a pact to plan another trip in the near future... Can someone say wine country? 
B & Heather at the pool.
Olivia & Leanne at the poppin' pool.
The Dessert Hat Club.
L-R: Olivia, B, Heather, Leanne & me
What are your favorite places for weekend getaways? Also... B & I are planning sister trips around the US to use her Southwest flight perks, so what are some recommendations?