You Will Love These Nail Designs

I don't know about all of you, but I am obsessed with keeping my nails perfectly painted all the time.  As bad as this sounds, it has been years since my bare nails have seen the light of day for more than 24 hours.  Just this past year, I was addicted to gel nails for about 5 months, but now thanks to the nail blogs you are about to be introduced to, you will be happy that you didn't spend $30 on a nail design for 2-3 weeks because you will want to try all of these unique (non-gel) designs!
I couldn't find any tutorials or blogs for these photos, but maybe you can figure it out and let me know what colors you used!

another play on the reverse french manicure

a "french manicure" where it doesn't matter how long you let your nails grow out afterwards

If you can read French, or you can always just have Google translate it for you, visit Camille's blog: pshiiit!

floral nails with a pop of glitter

geometric shapes & (literally) cool colors

I'm realizing that the French must know what they're doing.  Check out my final featured blog by Tenshi no Hana: Nature Nails!

tie-dye-esque nails

& we saved the most intricate for last: "aztec nails"
I hope you're as excited to try these designs as we are!  Let us know what worked for you & even send us pictures through that "Contact Us!" button on your right.