Who Says You Can't Wear White?

Who says you can't wear white after Labor Day? This question has to be one of the biggest fashion myths ever. White is such a classic color - you can wear it with anything. Why would we want to limit ourselves to only wearing it for half of the year?
So, for all of you lovers of the color & those rebellious enough to brave it during the fall & winter...here are 5 of our favorite seasonal looks featuring the mythical fall color: white.
Fall Look #1: The White Blazer
Anyone lucky  enough to have found a perfect white blazer knows that this piece in your closet deserves to come out when it's most needed - in the chilly months of fall & winter!  I know that I was on the search for quite a few months and was thrilled when I finally found one.  I wore it last year to an Arizona Weddings Magazine event - the Fall Mixer - how daring of me!

Fall Look #2: The White Accents
Cameron Diaz always has incredible outfits that are the perfect mix of casual and classy.  Although the white in this outfit is just an accent, it sure looks a lot better than if she'd chosen to wear a black or blue camisole top underneath that cute beige sweater.

Fall Look #3: The White Chunky Knit
One of the great things about fall is you can bring out those comfy clothes that can also be fashionable!  Wear your chunky knit sweaters with tighter-fitting bottoms to achieve a balanced look.  Add some bold jewelry & even an adorable floppy hat like the one below to create a unique look.  Our friend just found one of these at a vintage shop in Venice!  If you look good in hats, go ahead and rock it.

Fall Look #4: The White Jeans 
I absolutely love white jeans.  I could care less about what season it is because I'm wearing those things in until they're ripped.  Pairing white jeans with a motorcycle jacket (if you are lucky enough to own one - I'm still on the lookout) or other structured pieces in dark colors can create a unique contrast to their "summery" reputation.
Fall Look #5: The White Lace
Combining feminine white lace and a dark fall color is the perfect look for the days following Labor Day Weekend.  And if you're from Arizona or live in LA (like we do), you can actually pull off the white lace skirt since temperatures rarely drop too far in this season.  Fans may be "out of season" in all of the stores, but it's still short/skirt weather!
Hope that we've convinced you that wearing white after Labor Day is okay! Try these looks at home or experiment with your own...there are no rules in fashion