Train Like a Beast, Look Like a Beauty

"Train like a beast, look like a beauty!"
 It's the slogan behind 25 year old Cassey Ho's increasingly popular Youtube sensation known as Blogilates.  Her high energy combined with her short, yet effective, videos make working out seem like anything but a drag.
Now, we've always been a fan of staying fit and exercising, but until we discovered Blogilates, it always seemed like a chore.  We'd have to get dressed, drive to the gym, find parking at the gym, find a machine that wasn't being used (usually not next to each other!), & then trek home all slimy & sweaty while passing fast food restaurants that looked much to appealing.
But then, we saw this picture of Miley Cyrus.

My future body

And we decided to kick our booties into gear, even if it meant only doing one Blogilates video a day.  But hey, 13 minutes is better than nothing, right?
She has a blog:

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And a YouTube channel:

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What are your favorite videos?!  
Since we were just talking about Miley, here's a video on how to get Miley's abs.