Small Town in a Big City

Living in LA has it's privileges: so many neighborhoods in such little space, countless things to do, the beach, the shopping, the entertainment, the FOOD.  It's easy to forget, or to not even care, about the world around you.  But sometimes you have to step away from the chaotic hustle & bustle of the city and venture to those small towns that you can't even remember the name of.  Why?  Well you learn two things: what it's like to lead a simple, happy life & to appreciate your own adventures in the city. But, the best part has to be when you settle back into your normal routine, only this time carry a bit of that small-town mentality with you.

photo 3
K & Me <3

We had this experience a couple months ago with one of our best friends.  While most people buy from the Farmer's Market without much thought of where it came from other than somewhere organic, we decided to visit the farm that manufactures our favorite goat cheese.  We drove 2 hours out of the city to get there; we met the nicest people; we were welcomed with open arms; we helped feed the baby goats and collect the hens' eggs; and we felt the most amazing (hard-to-describe) feelings afterward.

photo 1
K with her new BFFsphoto 2
Feeding the 3 Week Old Goats

photo 4
Baby Cleo the Calf

Now, we're not going to go so far as to tell you where it was.  After all, it's our own personal safe haven.  But, we suggest you find a place outside of your normal routine to escape to in times of need.