It's Beginning to Feel Like The Holidays

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go." -Meredith Wilson
So it might look a lot like Christmas: colorful lights strewn about everywhere, Christmas trees welcoming you to the classiest of malls, and commercial advertisements for the newest toys & gadgets to surprise your kids and loved ones with on Christmas morning.
But in LA?  It just doesn't feel like the holidays.  I mean, Hanukkah starts at sundown and it's not even 60 degrees outside.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining one bit.  I love having the opportunity to wear cute clothes without having to cover them up with huge, puffy parkas.  On the other hand, it would be nice if it could feel like the holiday season.
And that is precisely why I've created a list of songs for you all to enjoy!  If it's snowing where you are -- then that's perfect!  But if you're not going to have a White Christmas this year, take the time to close your eyes, listen to these songs, and pretend.
"All I Want For Christmas Is You"
- Mariah Carey

This one's a classic.  I don't know about you, but it gets me jumping around the house like a little elf in Santa's workshop.
"Baby, It's Cold Outside"
- Glee Cast

Just try and tell me you don't love this song.  Silence?  Oh that's right, everyone loves this song.
"Carol of the Bells"
- Mannheim Steamroller

Honestly, what's better than an EPIC caroling session?
"Last Christmas"
- Wham!

It's impossible to look at these two, with their mullets and tight jeans, and not smile.  Oh you don't think you'll even smirk?  Let me know how that goes for you.
- Justin Bieber

I think all I have to say about this one is:  "Someone please tell me where the mistletoe is."
What are some of your favorites?!  Post them below!