Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers! We hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Eve yesterday since it just so happens to be one of the biggest drinking nights in America - As for us, B chose to relax with a glass of Pinot Noir & I chose a nice cup of dark hot cocoa with giant marshmallows.
Today, though, is a day of family, friends, and thanks. We're headed home for the holiday and although we're going to miss beautiful LA this weekend, the city of angels did happen to make our list of what we're thankful for this year!
What We're Thankful For:

1. Each other. As we've gotten older, we've become more aware that not all siblings are as close as we are.  We live together, work together, & still happen to feel like we don't see enough of each other.  We're the best team, and we always will be.
2. Family. 
Through the good times and the bad, our family has always been there for us. Sure, we all have our issues, but who doesn't?  At the end of the day, family is what makes us feel comforted and loved no matter what.
3. Friends. 
We've been so lucky to make great, long-lasting friendships throughout our lives.  Of course, we grow apart from some people over time, but when we get back in touch, it's always an incredible reunion - just like old times.
4. Accomplishing Our Goals. 
We've accomplished so many goals this year, and for that, we are thankful.  We both graduated last May and fulfilled our life-long dream of moving to Los Angeles for full-time jobs.  We're still in the transition process, but it's been an incredible experience.
5. Technology.  
This one's a bit different from the rest, but it's so true.  Our generation totally takes for granted that we don't have to search for hours through a library card catalogue.  If we're lost or running late, we can simply shoot a text to someone for help.  It wasn't too long ago that people would assume we were just blowing them off or worse - in a ditch...

Enjoy the long weekend & make one of these lists for yourself! It's easy to say you're thankful for a lot of stuff, but it's not until you really sit down and think about these things that you truly appreciate them.