Neighborhood Fave: 800 Degrees (of Separation)

Let's see here.

(100˚) I'm a vegetarian.  This means that I don't eat meat, but I do eat animal products.  (200˚) Animal products include eggs and milk, so cheese is an animal byproduct.  (300˚) I like cheese.  (400˚) Cheese is a popular topping on pizza.  (500˚) I had way too much pizza while studying abroad in Milan.  (600˚) Milan houses some delicious restaurants owned by people from Naples.  (700˚) Naples, Italy is thought to be the birthplace of pizza.  (800˚) Neapolitan pizza is the specialty at 800 Degrees in Westwood, Los Angeles, California.

I did it!  The 8(00) degrees of separation between me & 800 Degrees Pizza!

The Interior
{photograph by Elizabeth Daniels}

K & I visited this popular college-town eatery on Sunday night and absolutely loved it!  For those of you who don't know, it's a thin crust pizzeria that we call 'The Chipotle of Italian Food.'  After standing in what is usually quite a large line, your taste buds finally get tickled as you step into the charming restaurant.  First things first, you have to choose a base: Margherita, Marinara, or Bianca.  Next, you get to choose as many of the 32 toppings as you wish.  Be careful on this step, however, $1 toppings add up--we know this first hand.  After that, the rest is up to the team at 800 Degrees!  Once they call your number you're able to dig into what will probably be the best pizza you have ever had.  And if you're still hungry after all of that?  Take a spoonful of that delicious gelato that's taunting you behind the glass sneeze guard. 
 And now, if you're a visual learner, see below.

Shown here: The making of the bases [margherita in back & bianca in front]

The toppings that K's iPhone could pick up...there are many more!

And finally...the finished product!

If you think ours look so good that you just have to have it, then I'll let you in on our secret mix of ingredients.

I got a margherita pizza with broccolini, kalamata olives, and feta cheese (see the pizza in the back).  K got a bianca pizza with artichokes, fresh (spicy!) jalepenos, and feta cheese (see the pizza in front). 

 Feel free to take a look at the menu for yourself at:

Have you ever been here?  What combinations do you fancy?